Dundee Blogging Network

The Dundee Blogging Network.

DundeeChest started it all back in September 2009 – a blog to support the phase 2 students during their respirator teaching block. It has since become much more, with AskDundeeChest a successful spin off during the block, then expansion and experimentation to become DundeeChest 2.0, then 3.0.

On the back of the success of DC 1.0, other departments in NHS Tayside have become interested in running an independent learning resource. Some are up and running, some in a state of progress, and some are currently locked pending a grand unveiling.

Here is a brief run down of the sites in the Dundee Blogging Network.

DundeeChest 1.0 – see the archives of where DundeeChest started
AskDundeeChest – this is still up and running, but not well used at the moment. I’m working on integrating it into DC 3.0
DundeeMedEd – run by a couple of medical education enthusiasts to keep all educators in NHS Tayside up to date with advances in medical education
CancerDundee – Breaking with convention, this is DundeeCancer by another name. But a rose by any other name…..
DundeePsych – NHS Tayside psychiatry training, in a nutshell
DundeeGP – the world of general practice, in Tayside
DundeeBones – Musculoskeletal medicine. Or orthopaedics to you and me.
DundeeHeart – the beating heart of NHS Tayside cardiology
DundeeMicro – peering down the microscope at bacteria, viruses and funigi; and a bit about antibiotics too

DundeePRN – A special mention must go to DundeePRN, our student designed, student run, student moderated, student centred super-site. It has a guide to medicine at Ninewells, a revision guide, knowledge base, feedback for SSCs, reviews of clinical learning opportunities, blogs, a wiki, chatbox, and more. If you’re a Dundee Medical Student, or a school leaver thinking of applying to Dundee Medical School, you must visit DundeePRN

There will be more sites to come. Watch this space.

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